Tamlyn Mardon

Tam (The Enthusiast)

Real Name: Tamlyn Audra Mardon
Birthday: 16th January
Place of Birth: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Hometown: Grew up in Kwekwe and now living in Bulawayo.
Favourite Colour: Lilac
Hobbies: Baking, Playing with my dogs, Using Facebook and Singing at Church. My passion is Wedding Co-ordination.

“My role in Boomslang Production is to head the Zimbabwean Logistics Team a.k.a. The ZW SlangGang and assist in Promotions and Marketing of the brand.”

“I chose to become a part of Boomslang Production before I launched EvenTams as I believe in everything the brand stands for and would like EvenTams to have a Promotional leg in the business model.”