Boomslang Production was a concept which started with 2 people in a room discussing what they would like to see happen in the music and media industry. Ideas and suggestions were shared, then finally a concept was put together and moulded to form what we now call “Boomslang Production”.

Boomslang Production is a multifaceted company which focuses on media production, sound engineering, entertainment and artist management.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to give the upcoming youth a chance in the music and media industry by giving them support, guidance and advice. After being in the industry for so long, the team have learned how hard it is to get by if you have no knowledge of what to do. We feel that by supporting the youth and giving them guidance and advice we will give them a better chance at succeeding in an industry that is not so kind to new entrants.

Our vision is to give our youth the ability to learn about their selected area of interest whether it is in music, photography, videography, sound engineering or visual production.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to give talented young people the opportunity to learn, grow and progress in the entertainment industry. Our aim is to find young, talented, self-driven individuals who are hungry to progress in the industry with a view to make them highly sought after.

Our moto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. The reason for this is because we are firm believers that you are stronger standing as a unit than you are standing alone.

Our Objectives:

  • To have a strong team of well knowledgeable people who are happy and able to pass on knowledge happily and willingly to the youth.
  • To support the upcoming youth in their selected field of interest.
  • To find talented young individual who have a talent and are self-motivated to use their talent to progress in their chosen field.
  • To work with as many media enterprises, musicians, and individuals in the aim to build an empire strong enough to be recognised within the media and entertainment industry.
  • To synergise with other like-minded companies so strengthen our team and resources.
  • To build a strong brand which will be able to stand strong, not just locally but internationally.

These objective are both long as short and long term, the industry we choose to be in is forever changing and by constantly learning and passing on our knowledge we will have the ability to be able to grow with the constant changes that come our way.

What do we gain from supporting the up and coming youth?

For Boomslang Production, we know how hard it is to make yourself heard in such a fast paced industry. There is no time to sit back and relax, because music and trends are forever changing. You need to be moving with the times otherwise you will be left behind.

For us, our passion is music and visual production and our hunger is to see good work and fresh talent being appreciated.

Our whole team has come from the entertainment/events industry. We have a team of musicians, we have a team who deal with marketing and media, and we have a team for videography and visual production as well as photographers. Each and every single person gives Boomslang Production the ability to function freely.


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