Shafina Zahra Khan

Shafina-Zahra (The Wife a.k.a. Mrs B)

Real Name: Shafina-Zahra Khan
Birthday: 23rd August
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Favourite Colour: Baby Blue
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Writing & Music

“My role in Boomslang Production is to handle our team in the UK and internationally. I keep everyone up to date and let the team know the latest on what is happening with regards to artist progression as well as events.”

“To be fair, I’m an all-rounder. I handle all online pages and platforms, I handle most of the promotion online and delegate tasks as and where I can.”

“Boomslang Production is a big part of my life. It was never my intention to work for a media company but I fell into the role like it was fate. I enjoy every part of it, from speaking to promoters and clients to maintaining healthy working relationships with my colleagues and the artists. The greatest part of Boomslang Production is that there is so much to do and it caters for all. So long as you have the drive and passion to be in the industry there is a space for you.”