Video Alert: ‘JOLLING’ Music Video OUT NOW!!!

After a leak and some serious control damage, Kazz moved up his timeline to release his latest single jolling. He started teasing with the chorus, then dropped the track on us and blew us all away.

The track is humorous, energetic, and brings that feel good vibe. He talks about bumpers and booze, to hunnies and choonz, everything you’d see on a typical night out!

And then.. He dropped the video trailer! Or rather.. a teaser to keep us hungry for more. Let me tell you… I’ve had a sneak peak and I promise, you will not be disappointed!

We took a moment to catch up with Kazz, here’s what he had to say “The concept of the video was simple. We wanted to recreate a typical goffel weekend, from getting a haircut to buying dorps, to having to push the G to a gas pad, just to have a joll.”

“I wanted the video aesthetics to have that nostalgic yet funny feel and I think we definitely captured that.”

Kazz essentially wants the Goffel community, his community to come together and reunite by embracing the lifestyle and show the world just how we do.

The video was shot by @BidzyFilms and @ChalkyVisual, directed by @RatedRByRoss and @Mr_Boomslang himself. The video was shot in and around Milton Keynes and at the New Queen Victoria Pub.

The people really came through for this one!

Make sure you check out the latest video by Kazz AKA Mr Boomslang, #JOLLING.

Let us know your thoughts!