So by now, you’ll have heard Tanaka’s first official track Dhonza alongside Kazz Khalif. He promised an entrance to remember and he has delivered!
The pair came in full swing with this banger that has been running rings round in our heads all week. We’ve had the song on repeat and honestly, I don’t think its one that’ll be shelved anytime soon!

Fans, friends and family have even jumped on board showing love in the #DHONZAchallenge which will have it’s winner getting a chunk of change and some merchandise. If you haven’t already, get on board and DHONZA to win!
Today we see the release of the video which simply put, has captured all the energy perfectly. It’s vibrant, edgy, exciting and something you’ll need to watch over and over! The cast, the dancers, the colours and everything literally hit just right.

The video was shot and edited by the seriously talented Chalky Visuals and the beat was produced by Mantra Beats.
Tanaka, born in Zimbabwe and raised in the diaspora embodied his love for music and started singing from the young age of 11. With years of patience and passion, Tanaka began to write his own music and learnt to play various instruments to make him a powerful force to be reckoned with. What started out as practices in church, grew into a raw talent we are excited to see enter the music scene.

So while we have you, click the link below and make sure you check out the video. I promise you, it’ll make you wanna DHONZA…DHONZA DHONZA.