AUDIO ALERT: Bkay & Kazz are back! – LETS CONNECT (OUT NOW)

After 10 years, Bkay & Kazz are back. After a long hiatus, the brothers have teamed up to give you a solid afro swing track called “Let’s Connect”.

We caught up with the duo and this is what they had to say;

(Bkay) – “Its really good to be making new music again. Being in the studio brought back so many good memories and I’m so glad i get to do it again with my little brother”.

(Kazz) – “Working with big bro again came so natural, the music just started to flow again. I’m really exited that Bkay agreed to get back in the studio and put out some great music for our die hard fans”.

The guys are expected to release a lot more so make sure to follow their social media and find out more, but for now, its time to reconnect with this amazing duo.