NAME CHANGE: Call me “Kazz Khalif”

2019 was a year of hard work, it was a year of dedication and putting every little bit of free time into making as much music as possible. It’s no secret that Kazz is one hard working man. From the music scene to the family thing, he’s always on the go.

We caught up with Kazz and this is what he had to say on his social media pages;

“I’ve got some news to share with you all.

I have changed my alias to KAZZ KHALIF. Since singing with new management, the team and I felt it was time for a change. The new name will open so many more doors to a wider market and that’s what needs to happen. I wanted a name that rolls of easy, something memorable, sentimental and unique.As for my previous alias, Mr_Boomslang it is still and always will be a part of me and that will never change. I hope you continue to follow me on this new journey I’m about to take, believe me when I say, we’re about to take it all the way up real quick!!!I’ve only got one shot, so I’m gonna make it count!”

Last year, Kazz announced that he has signed with a management company called 6060 Music. This was an exciting step for him as breaking the UK music scene has been the goal for a long time. After much deliberation, Kazz and his new management decided that it was time to rename the brand and make it more appropriate for his new venture. We welcome, Kazz Khalif. For many years we’ve known him as Kazz aka Mr Boomslang, and though his name loses Mr Boomslang. The Boomslang brand will live on by means of his brand Boomslang Production and the clothing brand Boomslang Wear.