VIDEO ALERT: Kazz Drops HOT NEW video for “DANGER”


It’s summertime and the music video is out and it’s hot!!!!

By now, you’ll have heard Kazz Khalif‘s summer banger Danger alongside MC Bushkin. They promised a visual to remember and they delivered!
The pair came in full swing with this banger that has been running rings round in our heads all month. We’ve had the song on repeat and honestly, I don’t think its one that’ll be shelved anytime soon!

As we see the release of the video which simply put, has captured all the energy perfectly. It’s vibrant, edgy, sexy and something you’ll need to watch over and over! The cast, the dancers, the colours and everything literally hit just right.

The video was shot by the “LOST AT SPACE”, talented Chalky Visuals and edited by Eli.Shot.Em

So while we have you, click the link below and make sure you check out the video. I promise you, it’ll make you sing