Audio Alert: Eden Lang & Kazz Team up for HURT GOOD (Remix)

Award winning UK based Artist Kazz Khalif and Zimbabwean based singer-songwriter Eden Lang collaborate to bring you ‘Hurt Good’ the remix.

Eden Lang has grown a loyal international and local fanbase from live shows, 6 “From Ashes To Beauty” and is track number 2.

Kazz Khalif, is known for being one of the most hardest working artists, bringing raw energy, diversity and smooth melodies. He is widely known for his tracks “Jolling”, “Snap That”, “Bata Msana” and “Korokoza” among others.

Through soaring melodies, dreamy guitars and emotive raw and honest lyrics the song explores
issues of relationship tension, self-acceptance, and taking the pain with the pleasure.
This Soul- Pop love song will get you feeling nostalgic of the mid nineties.

Melodically, Hurt Good is reminiscent of artists such as

Aliyah, Fugees, TLC and Destiny’s Child.

Eden Lang wrote all the lyrics for the single and the production was perfected with the help of
Nikosilathi Ndlovu (Netflix’s Harare’s working wives), a sound engineer based in Zimbabwe. Not only
is the young 26-year-old musician and producer, but also an animator. Having asked her Instagram
followers to list things that “Hurt Good” she went on to animate a 2d lyric video with vibrant colours
and cartoon characters.

The duo are excited for the release of the new single.

Hurt Good will be available for streaming on all platforms 18 January and it is currently available